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exchanged. >> reporter: heated moments as the coach pushes the player. >> i'm disappointed. disappointed in a coach i believed in for years would do it. >> reporter: he was at last night's game and he said from the eyes of a fan and a coach the shove was shocking. >> that's the challenge of the coach, to keep your calm and act like you want the players to act and that is one of the hardest things about coaching and i know it's not something that is okay in the programs that i coach in and i don't think it's acceptable in division i basketball either. >> reporter: while montgomery initially brushed ate off, he later released a statement saying i let my emotions get away from me in the heat of the moment t athletic director called it unacceptable and said she is confident it will not happen again. while the shoves left many
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shaking their head, east bay basketball fans say it's part of a high emotion contact sport. >> i didn't see anything wrong with it. it was just a little shove, push. all it was. >> reporter: but, again, the coach is getting a lot of criticism in addition to senator is yee calling for a sus suspension, the pac-12 is also coming down hard. a commissioner said that while montgomery will not be suspended, he has received an undisclosed you punishment. reporting live, jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> new details now about the man that was killed on saturday when the speed boat he was in collided with a fe are rry. >> reporter: the coast guard tells us it was a oregon man who died late saturday night after the boat he was in collided with a ferry that was headed to san
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francisco, the accident happened at 4:30 afternoon in the raccoon straight. the man who died has been identified as 68-year-old harry holzhauer from oregon, his linkedin account showed he is a realtor that specialized in litigation support. it's a devastating loss, he was a charming man and well respected in his field. the owner of the boat the only other person aboard is inity hospital, investigators were able to talk to him. >> he was, he was able to tell us, basically what happened. he was not the one driving the boat. mr. holzhauer who passed away was the driver. the friend was able to tell us what he can remember from the
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incident. >> reporter: the coast guard will only identify the boat's owner of a california man. as for the 500 aboard the ferry that day. none were injured. the crew has been drug tested and tested for chol as well and have returned to work save for the captain who is on paid administra administrateive leave pending the investigation of the coast guard. the ferry is back in service today. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, just in the newsroom, we have the autopsy results of the petaluma teenager who died of hypothermia, she had meth and other drugs in her body. her body was found in a snow bank, investigators think she tried to work the three miles in
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freezing weather from the concert to the hotel. rescue crews recover the body of a hiker killed after falling in a park. he was hiking in a steep and remote part of alum rock park on saturday when he fell more than 150 feet. a search team found the body, but there was not time to remove it before dark. the search and rescue crew met with rangers and firefighters to figure out how to retrieve the body. after trying to move it back to the top of the cliff, they decided to walk it out by crossing a stream and carrying it for a mile. a deadly crash is being investigated that happened after 11:00 last night. an officer was conducting a traffic top when a dark surf swerved and tried to run over the officer. the officer got into a pursuit with the suv, the driver of the truck ended up losing control
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and rolled into a ravine, the driver died at the scene, two young girls thawere passengers in the stolen car were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. on this president's day, president obama is back in washington tonight, he spent the weekend in florida, he has been golfing with tiger woods. now it's back to business, but washington looked like a ghost house. the deadline looms, less than two weeks until the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. lawmakers are in their district this is week and when they return to washington they will have four days to agree on a alternative plan to cut the nation's debt. strategists on both sides say they are working toward a deal. >> the automatic spending cuts will hurt social programs and a big recreational one in san francisco. we are talking about fleet week a navy memo said that the blue
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angels will be grounded this summer. they perform in 30 u.s. cities each year, while the angels are one part of fleet week, they are generally the biggest draw and the key reason that a million people spend that weekend in san francisco every year. >> the santa cruz community is on high alert after yesterday's violent sexual attack on a woman visiting the campus. she was beaten and raped on a wooded path at noon. she was treated at a local hospital for bruises to her head. she describes the attacker. a white male in his 30s, dark hair, a full mustache and goatee and a tattoo on his upper right arm. he smelled of cigarettes. >> still ahead at 5, burned down to the ground, a fiery send off.
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>> and talking about what your probably talking about, gas prices that continue to be above $4, how other folks are reacting coming up. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, dramatic drop in temperatures for today from 79 in gilroy on friday to 53 today and san francisco from 71 to 51, not toonly the cold blast, but e rain as well.
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>> for the 32nd day in a row, gas prices went up and the pain at the pump will not let up any time soon. let's go to san jose with the ripple effect and the forecast that has most of us frustrated for what is ahead. take it away. >> reporter: hi there, raj, a lot of kids here in the bay area have this week off.
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it is ski week or winter break. but chances are they are not going to get to go anywhere because the higher gas prices mean that it is more expensive to get away and to get to work. appears she watches gas prices go up past $4 a gallon, michelle drew and her husband are looking to sell her car to buy a more fuel efficient one like hers. >> we can put $20 in my car and it lasts but $20 in his car, you drive somewhere and back it's in the. >> reporter: every night time he drives to his night job after his day job at a cost of $40 round trip and he cannot pass all the cost to the consumer. >> i cannot make it up on my job. no. >> reporter: and some folks cannot drive less. >> it makes it harder, for sure, every extra dollar i pay on gas is coming out of the ability to pay for rent and food.
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>> reporter: the average price of gas is $.55 higher than a month ago. the average is $4.08 per gallon of regular and in san francisco, $4.13 and aaa said there's a number of reasons, the shortage of gas because of scheduled and unscheduled reminement maintenance and the switch we are making right now from cheaper winter blend to more expensive summer blend. aaa said demand is up because people are feeling better about the economy, but that does not take the ting out for the people who feel the pain at the pump the most. >> nothing, nothing i can do, i have to go to work. >> reporter: now one expert protected that last year there was political unrest that led to higher gas prices. 2013 on the whole though end up with a lower average price. maybe that means we get cheaper gas later in the year. >> thank you, we are learning
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new details tonight in the death of oscar pistorius's girlfriend, he shot his 29-year-old model girlfriend four times through the door in the bathroom. her skull was damaged and a bat is being examined. a privacy service will be held tomorrow. her funeral comes on the same day as pistorius's bail hearing. his family strongly denies it was murder. >> we have new details about what caused the fire on board the carnival cruise ship that left thousands of passengers and crew stranded at sea for days. an oil leak led to a fire in the engine room, the fire left the ship disabled at sea for five days. a tug boat finally pulled the ship to the port of mobile, alabama late last night. plenty of lawsuits are expected
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to be filed. >> jerry buss is being remembered as a great man and incredible friend by michael jordan. he has been hospitalized for the last 18 months for cancer. he was linked with hollywood glamour as tars sat courtside. in health matters people with peanut allergies would never eat peanuts but what if that is part of the cure. researches put tiny amount of liquid peanut under the toung of those with the allergy this teaches the body there's nothing to fear. >> it allows us to be absorbed in a faster and better way.
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>> the therapy is promising but it's not perfect. the research is years away from clinical use. >> too much tv for your children may turn them into aggressive adults. changing the channel violent shows to others can improve their behavior. they showed improved behavior after six months of positive tv. the results faded over time, but it's a good start to find ways to help children avoid aggressive behavior. >> first russia and the bay area, and now another meteor sighting in florida. this video from west palm beach shows what appears to be a meteor streaking across the sky last night. the coast guard said they were flooded with calls from people all up and down florida's east coast. thankfully there were no reports of any injuries. this comes on the heels of a meteorite that exploded above russia. the russian researches have found 53 pieces of the meteorite
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so far and could be worth more than their weight in gold. the fewer that are found the higher the price. they could be worth up to $2200 per gram, that a is more than 40 times the cost of gold currently. more than 1,000 people were injured in that event. >> wow, quite a sight. things are changing in our skies. clouds. have not seen them in a while. >> great news we are tracking rainfall here getting close to the bay area. winds are advancing out ahead of the storm system. not overly gusty for the interior valleys but headed to the coastline tonight, and you will hit windy weather. we are tracking the first consistent rain drops we have had in weeks now. across the north bay and entering portions of santa rosa, it's not very heavy but do expect showers here in santa rosa as we go through the next 40 minutes or so. we are tracking heavier rainfall over the next 24 hours but let's
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look at what is impacting us right now. cold air. upper 40s and 50 on the entire weather board, go anywhere, you need a jacket. let's go to the sky camera network. you see the cloud cover here in san jose, even a few rain drops down in the south bay, it's more of a drizzle coming from the low level moisture, also, let's move up to the north and you see in oakland, it's a stormy picture here, stormier than we have seen over the past two or three weeks and then in san francisco, we are noting the increased cloud cover out here ahead of downtown. let's go back to the weather boards and what we are tracking in terms of the storm system, it's not very strong, but it has unique characteristics with it, we have the cold front passing through tonight t area of low pressure will invigorate things for tomorrow. a good amount of up lift, cold and showery weather and a chance of thunderstorms, namely as we head throughout tuesday's forecast. not expecting widespread severe weather, we cannot rule out
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isolated storms. the jet stream showing strength tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the 40s and cold as we go through wednesday's forecast. let's go to the timeline, cloud cover with us tonight here at 11:00 p.m., then we are getting in on more showers as we go through 5:00 and 6:00, not heavy spread rainfall, we will save the consistent rainfall until 9:00 or 10:00 on wednesday morning then throughout the afternoon hours another bout, scattered showers that look to hold in the forecast until 11:00 p.m. on tuesday. hit and miss in nature with the storm system tomorrow and on the scale of things it's not considered strong, but once again, it's a big deal because of the rainfall we have not had. also, snow levels dropping down to 1500 feet, and there are some of the usual pots. you may get a rain snow mixed to 1,000 feet for the east bay and south bay hills. be a wear of that. if you are going to the
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sierra -- otherwise for the morning forecast, upper 30s and low 40s. not too bad for tomorrow morning, it will be chilly out there and we will look at much colder nights in the way here as we head throughout the seven-day forecast. 50 in santa rosa and 45 in los gatos. that is it. so, here is your three day forecast. cloudy as we go through wednesday and thursday. temperatures in the 50s. and what you will notice, while we have the storm day tomorrow, we will have another chance of showers on thursday and we will keep a chance of isolated showers in the forecast on saturday. cloudier this week and colder than those upper 70s we had on friday. huge flip for us. >> we still need rain, more of it. bring it in. >> definitely. >> thank you, jeff. they got their money's worth. the amazing images from a dofl win watching group. and the social media takedown that has a burger giant apologizing.
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>> country music fans are mourning the death of mindy mccready who died from a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. police responded to her home on sunday, they found the 37-year-old dead on the front porch. her suicide follows the death of boyfriend david wilson on that same front porch. it's believed that that case was also society. she rose to stardom when her song 10,000 angels hit. she appeared on the reality show celebrity rehab and she is the third star to die from season five. a whopper of a day for burger king the restaurant had their twitter act hacked. the hacker posted tweets saying
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that they had been sold to mcdonald's and the account was taken over. for about an hour the feed was filled with photos and comments making fun of the restaurant. >> the sun final set on the sunset sunset piano and the last song was hot. literally. an artist dragged the piano to half moon bay bluff and played concerts for three weeks before setting it ablaze and played one final concert and then burned the piano. the artist said he may use the charred remains in a sculpture. >> stay with us.
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it was amazing to see, passengers on a tour boat saw a sight that was so rare they had to make up a phrase to the describe it. so dolphins were around the boat they called it a super mega pod, it seemed to cover 35 square miles with dolphins as far as the eye could see. thousands of dolphins here. the captain said it was beyond belief, the passengers were screaming and yelling and they were thrilled. we will have more on this story coming up in just a few minutes with brian williams on "nightly news." incredible to see that. >> incredible. we are getting storm clouds. super mega. >> this is super mega for us, it's not a strong storm areas of rain that will produce thunderstorms. maybe small hail and we will be
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cold and cloudy throughout the rest of the week. >> thank you, enjoy the rest of your president's day. hope to see you at 6:00. >> good night folks. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
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on our broadcast tonight, price hike. the cost of gas up again. every day now for over a month, with prices now really hurting everybody who drives. the question tonight is, what's driving this surge? the get-away. president obama's three-day golf outing in florida and the reason why all we can show you is the front gate. tonight, the white house decision to keep cameras away. incoming. days after an exploding meteor shook the earth, the race to find what's left behind and all eyes are skyward for signs of
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more close encounters. and the spectacular sight off the coast of california. dolphins as far as the eye can see. tonight, what may be the best explanation. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. it's been called a kind of regressive tax that hurts all americans, and especially if you commute by car. if you filled up prior to the workweek or filled up to head out on a presidents' day holiday break, then you know what has happened to the price of gas, up every day for a month now. and still rising. and those americans with no choice but to buy gas are highly suspicious as to what's causing this increase right now. it's where we begin tonight. tom costello is in bethesda, maryland. tom, good evening. >> reporter: hi, brian. good evening to you. $3.99 at this gas station right here.

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